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Quiz Wizard in Sciences: Geneviève Ponsonnet's feedback


Quiz Wizard is a platform that allows teachers to create quizzes and flashcards quickly and efficiently, thanks to artificial intelligence (AI). Designed as a complement to interactive tools like Wooclap or revision tools like Wooflash, Quiz Wizard has already convinced many teachers, including Geneviève Ponsonnet, a high school teacher in the Versailles academy for over 25 years.

Thanks to Quiz Wizard, Geneviève Ponsonnet generated multiple choice questions about physical transformations of matter in record time, and included them in her Wooflash courses. This allowed students to consolidate their knowledge with high-quality content. She also enriched her questionnaires with flashcards reviewing the definitions of this chapter, generated by Quiz Wizard too.

“Very different questions from mine, and complementary”

Quiz Wizard offers different questions from those that Genevieve usually creates. "Artificial intelligence helps me especially in the work of imagination and writing of questions, which takes some time," she confides. With Quiz Wizard, she now creates her 10 questions on a chapter in just 15 minutes (including review time), a significant time savings compared to the 45 to 60 minutes it used to take her!

"The more precise we are in our request, the better the questions are.”

As a beta tester, Geneviève Ponsonnet provided feedback to the team in charge of the development of Quiz Wizard in exchange for early access to the platform. In particular, she observed that the more precise she was in her subject matter, the better the questions were. For example, entering "thermodynamics" as the subject instead of "physics".

Another best practice recommended by Geneviève is to carefully review and adapt the questions and answers generated by Quiz Wizard before moving on to the next step, so that they are perfectly tailored to the students. She replaces "carbon dioxide" with "CO2", which is the term used in her classes, and which her students are accustomed to.

Towards even more collaborative educational scenarios

Geneviève Ponsonnet is already used to involving her students in the creation of MCQs for her courses, which allows them to mobilize their knowledge in a new way. She suggested that we give Quiz Wizard access to her class and ask them to generate questions about her course and try to answer them using research. Alternatively, they could generate the answers with Quiz Wizard, and their task would be to complete them. Another way for students to use artificial intelligence to approach a course and consolidate their learning!

Written by Wandrille Bonnet (Product Manager Lead @Wooclap)