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Creating quizzes for his medical students more quickly: Antony Thirion's feedback on Quiz Wizard


Antony Thirion is the president of *CM Académie*, a national online training platform dedicated to students in health studies pursuing LAS (Licenses with Health Access) and PASS (Specific Health Access Path) degrees who want to join the MMOPK (Medicine, Midwifery, Dentistry, Pharmacy, and Physiotherapy) field. Thanks to his expertise, Antony has created numerous online training programs in various areas related to medicine.

Antony is an experienced user of Wooclap and Wooflash, which he uses respectively to energize his classes and assist his students in their individual work. He is also one of the testers of Quiz Wizard, a new platform developed by Wooclap, which uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to help teachers create their MCQs and flashcards more quickly.

Create quizzes faster

With Quiz Wizard, Antony can quickly generate MCQ and flashcards on any topic. He recommends starting by entering the topic, level, and general theme of the course, and letting Quiz Wizard generate a first set of questions. This allows for broader coverage of the theme than he would have done without Quiz Wizard. For example, he starts by generating questions in the subject of "Anatomy" and the theme of "the heart". Only then does he refine his theme to more specific points in his course and finally asks Quiz Wizard to generate questions based on his course material. He therefore obtains a very wide range of questions that covers the entirety of his subject.

Once the questions are generated, Antony reworks them to fit his expectations. He is used to formulating all his questions in a similar way, starting for example with "True or False" or "Select the correct answer(s)". He finally exports his questions to Wooflash to build revision courses for his students.

Antony previously spent about 1.5 hours creating a quiz on a given topic. Using Quiz Wizard has allowed him to save more than 30 minutes per quiz, which he can now fully dedicate to his students!

The co-construction of Quiz Wizard

"Just like our other platforms Wooclap and Wooflash, Quiz Wizard is completely co-developed with our users, teachers, trainers, or educational leaders," says Sébastien, Co-founder of Wooclap. Antony was therefore given early access to the platform, along with around fifty other users, in order to share his experience with the Wooclap team and make Quiz Wizard even more relevant and user-friendly. He notably suggested making it easier to create "True or False" questions, and helping the user to play with the "level" and "class" settings to vary the difficulty of the questions, or to export flashcard games as Association questions on Wooflash. Are there any upcoming developments for Quiz Wizard?

Written by Wandrille Bonnet (Product Manager Lead @Wooclap)